Hazmat Response Team



 Improper handling and storage of hazardous materials can result in a number of scenarios that can cause harm to human, animal, and environment health. Failure to respond quickly to an unintended incident, such as a chemical spill can turn a small incident into a larger one. SRS Hazmat Response Team is available around the clock ready to respond to Hazardous Material Incidents. Containment, collection, analysis, sampling, and disposal of hazardous materials, at the impacted site are all conducted by SRS under the strictest safety procedures and in close cooperation with our clients and the local authorities. Emergency Response Units are equipped with manpower, equipment and materials necessary to conduct on site operations ranging from Level D to Level A response. We are able to handle situations such as:



  • Hazardous Chemical spills
  • Tanker truck accidents
  • Leaking drums or containers
  • Hazardous material accidental release
  • Cargo or chemical product transfer
  • Mercury spills


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